Friday, August 29, 2008

Hooked on Gold e-Mail is Back Up and Running is now back up an running. Sorry for any inconvenience you may have had in getting your panning instructions or in contacting us for any other gold prospecting information! More on this at the bottom of this blog.

10 inches of snow on Mt. Evans and the smell of fall in the air two weeks ago make me realize that gold prospecting season will be at an end for another year before I know it. This morning was chilly for Denver at the end of August, and my hands were cold for the first time since the first of June. We will be making our last week long trip to camp for this season and the weather looks to be a lot more favorable than it has all summer. We are looking forward to warm days and cool evenings in the mountains as we look for gold and hopefully find enough to make our winter warmer with the thoughts of the summer before.

We have met many wonderful people this year, and many were from website contacts. What fun to be recognized in the field with a floppy hat and dirty clothes on! Yeah, I know. I don’t exactly look the part. But then, that’s part of the fun, too. Not many people would take me for someone who digs dirt for fun and entertainment, or for someone who maintains a website with information about gold prospecting.

Speaking of maintaining a website, if any of you have tried to contact us through the website e-mail address, I found out just yesterday that there was a pathway error. Now, I’ve been e-mailing and on the Internet almost since its’ inception, and I have NEVER had this type of error develop with a VALID e-mail address before. I’ve had quite a few with many different hosts over the years and can’t imagine how this happened. I announced it on the website yesterday, and went in today to cancel the current one, retype it exactly as it was, and reinstate it exactly as it was. All of the pathways are now showing correctly and all of the forms are getting e-mail out again. I cannot think of why the error occurred and am thinking that only the ethernet gods know why. Anyway, it is all working again and if you requested information in August or tried to contact us with the web e-mail, please try again…….and again. I was successful in sending myself e-mail and information requests off of the form. I am SOOOOO sorry if you had a problem with it. I try to troubleshoot these things as soon as they come up, but it is NEVER soon enough for the one who didn’t get through.

ALSO, gold'n'store is semi back up and running. You will find links to the product description pages on the gold'n'store home page with pictures to come as I have time to resize and put them back up. I will add more of the gifts with prospecting themes in October, and DO check out the prospecting auctions for any items you want to add to your prospecting equipment, GOLD, too.

As always,

Good Prospecting to You,
Shirley Weilnau MQS
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