Friday, August 01, 2008

Colorado State Gold Panning Championships TODAY!

Day light is breaking here in Colorado as I write this morning. We are busy packing up the last few things for this months 18 day get away. We will be in Breckenridge around 8:00 to help set up for the first of three days of competitions in the Colorado State Gold Panning Championships. The event is always a lot of fun for everyone, and this years field of competitors is coming from around the U.S. to vie for the medals and prize money.

A small entry fee is collected for most events with all the money returned to the contestants. Come and watch the fun one day, or all three. Today will open the championships with contests for kids and old timers, which do not include fees, and then a California/National style of panning in the "swamp". Tomorrow will include Teams, Women's and Men's events, with the State title and World's Dry events on the last day. We are predicted to have hot and sunny days in Breckenridge, but don't count out the occasional rainstorm, typical for this time of year.

After that we will be back at camp, so the usual intermittent internet connection will apply, with e-mail answered every three to four days. Gotta find gold. That's what it's all about!
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